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Código: 4341

Modelo: MCC-8004da

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Model: MCC-8004da
Product ID: 4341
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MCC-8004da Multi Imagem Video Processing Module Avitech

MCC-8004da Multi-Image Video Processing Module Avitech

Marca: Avitech
Modelo: MCC-8004dA 

Analog audio: Sim

MCC-8004 Multiviewers
• Up to 60 CV, HD/SD-SDI inputs in cascaded systems
• DVI/VGA outputs

Modular design

• Cascade up to 15 units together for 60 inputs
• Can be cascaded with VCC-8000 and MCC-8001U modules
• No Single Point of Failure: single module failures do not cause system-wide failure

Support for a range of video inputs

• Series supports PAL/NTSC and HD/SD-SDI inputs up to 1080i
• DVI-I output resolutions up to 1900 × 1200
• DCDi image-enhancing technology

Easy configuration

• Configurable by Galaxy through serial or Ethernet port
• Compatible with ACP software and TACP-100 control panels
• ASCII commands for third party integration

The MCC-8004 Series provides multi-image video and optional audio monitoring for a variety of broadcast environments. The MCC-8004 Series enables up to 120 video inputs to be displayed in high resolution up to 1920 x 1200 on a single display group. You can combine digital or analog video (composite, SDI, component), audio (balanced or unbalanced), and HD video (HD-SDI or component) on one display. The MCC-8004 Series is available in 28 models. This series also offers an integrated on-screen display (OSD) which includes on-screen labels, borders, alarms, optional audio meters as well as Asian and European character support. The MCC-8004 production and universal modules use the latest DCDi™ technology from Faroudja to optimize full screen mode regardless of the input format.

• MCC-8004d with 4 pairs of analog stereo audio
• Communication via IP or RS-232
• Output Resolution up to 1600x1200 / 1920x1080 / 1920x1200
• Up to 26 internal presets
• On-screen labels, borders, alarms
• Built-in digital clock (supports NTP)
• Optional Audio Meters for Embedded Audio with phase AES (balanced / unbalanced), analog audio
• 8 GPI ports for tally or alarms
• Auto-detect aspect ratio 16x9 and 4x3
• Supports Avitech ASCII Protocol (AAP)
• Supports direct TSL Tally / UMD Interface
• Can be cascaded with VCC-8000, ACC-8000
• Compatible with both Cosmos and Galaxy Control Software
• Optional Redundant Power Supply
• DCDi™ Processing (MCC-8004Q, MCC-8004P, MCC-8004U Series)


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